Our logo

The logo of BGS MPS, like that of other BGS institutions around the world, comes from the time of Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Padmabhushana Dr Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji of Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust.

Now, under Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, all BGS ICSE schools employ a common emblem with specialisations designed to accommodate their respective names or acronyms.

Our logo comprises five elements, each with its own special meaning: the Srichakra, the circles of life, the Sun, a peacock, and an open book.

BGS Model Public School official logo


The two superimposed triangles forming a star with six points, the Shatkona, symbolises the union of the two opposing forces of human creation – fire and water.

It represents the journey from material existence to enlightenment. In our logo it signifies the successive phases in the process of being an individual with integrity, love, compassion, innocence and courage.

The three circles

Encircling the Srichakra the three circles symbolise the Circles of Life which represent the notions of totality, wholeness and perfection.

The three different colours in the sequence exemplify Gnyana (Knowledge, in orange), Tantragnyana (Technology, in yellow) and Vignyana (Science, in purple).

An open book

A book signifies knowledge and wisdom; an open book symbolises a future waiting to be created, a story waiting to be told, decisions and choices waiting to be made, and dreams waiting to be pursued.

A peacock

The peacock, being the mount of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, represents patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge. This symbolism exemplifies the idea that one must be willing to learn truthfully and to be honest with oneself, maintaining grace and dignity.

The Sun

The Sun is the celestial symbol of self-realisation. The sun is the source of life and growth, brings hope for a bright tomorrow. It symbolises perfection of all matter including mind, body and soul. The cosmic energy of sun signifies continuity, diversity and positivity to overcome the challenges in everyday life.

Please seek explicit, written permission from the school office before using any of our branding elements including logo and colours.

For more details consult our brand policy. If you wish to submit a usage request please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

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